So I do not even know when the last time I had a post but all I can say is the only thing to report is the fact that I have been busy to get ready to move again. Twice in two months is not always fun but meh. I will be moving back to South Carolina and starting a new adventures along with a new Area of study. Hopefully with a regular schedule I will be able to post more, but I can definitely say that I will have a new post after June 24.



Summer brought on a lot of new things for me. It brought graduating form High school something totally awesome, it brought work like crazy. The number one thing it brought was getting ready for the biggest step of my life. Yes, part of that is college. The other part is moving all the way across the country to start school. I am moving 3000 miles away to start my life again. I am scared, excited, Impatient. In 57 days I will be moving to Washington to start college and to be closer to my dad. Hopefully I will be able to write a bit more this summer I also will be getting photos up as soon as I get the new battery charger so I can turn my camera on.

write to everyone soon.

What am I to do?

So without thinking I did not take any pictures of the update of knitting before I gave it to my sister for her art project for use. That and the fact that I don’t even have any black and whites to scan okay royally slaking I get it already. I will be going to D.C. on a school trip and will have pictures from that.

Thanks For your Patience

A Quick Update

This is just a quick line to let those few if any people who read this blog that shortly I will be back. School Just swallowed me alive and so on. I am finally getting a hold on that so hopefully knitting will start up again and posting will resume in till then. Keep knitting or what ever makes you happy.


Today is my birthday. Yeah woot woot. The one thing I wanted for my birthday was to finish my moms sweater she has been waiting over a year now for it and I don’t know what to do I keep knitting and knitting but to me it just seems like it is staying in the same place. I have give or take about two weeks till my senior year that’s a lot of work by it self and then I am adding things like student council, Helping start are school newspaper which in less we recruit some freshman were understaffed. So I keep wondering when is it going to be done. Do I need to set up a time line or something this much needs to be done by this time I know little to no people read this bog but I would love to get some ideas because I am at my wits end and she has been more than patient and deserves it before Christmas. Thank You for any suggestions

So every senior class has a class trip and I got an option I either got to go to Eroup or I on the senior trip. Can you guess which one I  chose.Mona Lisa and me had a dateYep thats the mona lisa and shes not as big as we think she is oh well. So on day one I went to Notre Dome,Louvre, and last but defintly not least it was probly the tallest thing I had seen in Paris I saw the eifle towerEifle at an angleI saw so much while I was there and it was so much fun the next day we went to Galeries Lafayette we spent all day there. The next day we went to Luzerne ,Switzerland we did not actually do anything becaues we went directly to the hotel and ate dinner and slept. The next day we went down to the city and they were having a fest yeah we went to that later that night next day we went to Innsbruck , Austria and walked around for a bit and then we went to the hotelluzcerneThe next two day were spent in Munich Germany. That is it for now

So last week I packed thisI am going awayand for the time being and not sure how much longer will be residing in the office of my sculpture teacher. So far the man has guarded it with his life good job Mr O’Brien I would be in tears if it went “missing”. So I am   making a dress for sculpture I will up load the sketches in a post later. I am in love with my new camera couldn’t be happier.

The other news is that about a month ago my school holds three blood drives a year I missed the first two so this last one my mom signed off saying that I could.so I am proud to wear my badge of honor.mark from giving bloodand I all so got a pin n the shape of a blood drop it is actually pretty cool. I felt really awesome afterwards