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So here it is the night of the Fourth of November in America well that means people who are 18 or older are  voting. While little old me is not why you may ask well I am 16 I will not get till vote till I am 20 like my sister Ellen because we were born in an election year. any ways I am going to try to post daily since it is national blog month I think. Okay so lets get to craft stuff. What shall we talk about today………

All the paterns that need to be done

All of those are patterns I want or need to get done


My newest books added to the craft library

wow sorry that’s all I have hopefully more tomorrow.


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Sweet I win I have pictures but to prolong the ability to post I am going to separate it in to several post so by time I run out of stuff to blog I should have more done. This is all in theory of course. so on to the crafting stuff.

This is the sleeve for the sidar sweater for mom I have done the neck shaping for the sleeve three times. Very frustrating but I know what to do for the second which is in the left hand corner.

Above: Book from which sweater pattern has come from.

Below: what the Finished product should look like

So the sweater which seems to be the bane of my existence seems to be making some progress. I have had to rip out certain parts at least three times. Well I made the mistake on one of the sleeves so I shouldn’t were not going to finish the subject in fear of jinxing it  and cursing all sweaters to the fiery pits of your driving me crazy. This is the next sweater she wants me to knit. I think I should start charging her although she pays for the yarn and needles and let me tell you she chooses patterns with some nice quality yarn a joy to work with. I like the sidar DK yarn just not this pattern.So there is today’s post woo Pictures and all Oh wait I have one more photo for you.

My camera case was hungry last night I caught before it go to far. Well nice catching up but I have some more crafting to do.

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