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New things coming

So I love blogging but I feel like I have to stick to knitting due to the fact that the name of the blog is called Knitting with Little Time. I want to tell everybody about every thing else I have going in on my life, but I always feel slightly guilty when I branch away from knitting, the original career I was going to go in to would have made this the perfect place to write about my passion the only issue is that my passion and major are not fibers. It is in fact Photography so the blog is getting a much needed revamp and name that will let me feel like I can talk about all the new things that I have started to become passionate in my life since I started this blog instead of making the focus on my knitting which seems to be very little of these days I want to shift it to everything that is going on in my life. I hope this will make for more frequent posting. I hope you will stay reading with me while I go through this transition as well as gaining more readership.


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So I was sitting here thinking about this and last time I took a plane so it was not an eventful trip. This Time I am taking a road trip with a couple of my good friends so I figured I would try and write a few post about it, but what would be more interesting videos,photos, or just summaries. Of course all three if that would be even more interesting.

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