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Not going to lie I do not write for this blog as often as I would like it takes time and effort to run a blog. This is just a simple fact and six months ago when I was working over 40 hours a week and was a full time student that was the last thing I would think about is oh hey I should write a blog post after cooking for eight hours. Actually not at all it was more like crap I still have three papers and a case study for micro econ to finish. Even though it is like that now there are two main things that have changed they may enable me to do more of what I would like to do. The first is that I moved again not back to Washington state even though were I live now was rainy and made my heart ache for that familiar territory and the going to Starbucks with my dad for a hot drink and cozy couch for us to both study. Nope not back to the familiar life, back to New Jersey,  I was born here and for nine years I lived here in Burlington county, I now live a bit more south which is fine with me, so that is one reason that I am able to hopefully write more. The number two reason that I will get to increase my productivity may not seem like a big deal to everyone but it is to me. I got a desk, the reason this helps my productivity is that I am able to make a stack of stuff that has to get done and just work through it with out wanting to curl in to a ball in my room and go to sleep instead of getting stuff done. You may think I am kidding on that last part, but my bed is comfy and I always have lack of sleep because of everything I work on.

That takes care of being MIA and the life situation, but let me tell you its finals week and well I want to curl up in to my ball and fall asleep on my bed big time. I finished one class due to the fact that it was condensed class. On Thursday I will have three back to back exams and will most likely just pass out from what will probably be a lack of sleep for the next two night. Just a quick update see everyone on the other side of my day of anxiety.



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