Not going to lie I do not write for this blog as often as I would like it takes time and effort to run a blog. This is just a simple fact and six months ago when I was working over 40 hours a week and was a full time student that was the last thing I would think about is oh hey I should write a blog post after cooking for eight hours. Actually not at all it was more like crap I still have three papers and a case study for micro econ to finish. Even though it is like that now there are two main things that have changed they may enable me to do more of what I would like to do. The first is that I moved again not back to Washington state even though were I live now was rainy and made my heart ache for that familiar territory and the going to Starbucks with my dad for a hot drink and cozy couch for us to both study. Nope not back to the familiar life, back to New Jersey,  I was born here and for nine years I lived here in Burlington county, I now live a bit more south which is fine with me, so that is one reason that I am able to hopefully write more. The number two reason that I will get to increase my productivity may not seem like a big deal to everyone but it is to me. I got a desk, the reason this helps my productivity is that I am able to make a stack of stuff that has to get done and just work through it with out wanting to curl in to a ball in my room and go to sleep instead of getting stuff done. You may think I am kidding on that last part, but my bed is comfy and I always have lack of sleep because of everything I work on.

That takes care of being MIA and the life situation, but let me tell you its finals week and well I want to curl up in to my ball and fall asleep on my bed big time. I finished one class due to the fact that it was condensed class. On Thursday I will have three back to back exams and will most likely just pass out from what will probably be a lack of sleep for the next two night. Just a quick update see everyone on the other side of my day of anxiety.



Good Evening

How is everyone doing tonight?

I have been wanting to take pictures to have a more illustrated blog but that has not worked out mainly because when ever I take photos I feel slightly sad at the sight of the quality. I know they main reason I feel this way is because I am literally weeks away from getting a camera I have only been able to dream about for years. Hopefully I will want to shoot more photos once I get it. There will be of course a wonderful intro post for the new camera, after all it would not feel welcomed without a proper introduction to the world.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone

So I hope everyone is having a great new year, I can not wait to seem what wonderful things are to come of this year after all apparently it is going to be our last. Have a wonderful New Year sorry for such a short post I am on my way out the door.

Life is like a box of chocolates it seems fitting to use this since we get tons of boxes of chocolates at the end/ beginning of the year. My “box of Chocolates” has all been the caramel filled kind a.k.a my favorite. I have tried to not take stuff to seriously at the end of the year I have been mainly sleeping and working not much to talk about lately. So I decide to wait till after Christmas to write knowing I could at least talk about how my Christmas was. I was actually not expecting any Christmas presents from my mom I asked her not to get me any so she could save the money for something else, but she did get a few lovely practical gifts. That is my favorite kind the kind that keeps on giving but can look pretty at the same time. My mom told me that she can always find a little extra for us on special days. It made me really think how in till my junior year of high school I did not pay attention to our financial situation I pretended everything was okay. So I want to say thank you to my mom for never letting on anything was wrong, and that any other parents who are or have ever been in a situation like my mother was it is okay and your kids why they may not understand will one day thank you for everything you have done. I know I do it has made me a stronger person and someone who is more fiscally responsible.

New things coming

So I love blogging but I feel like I have to stick to knitting due to the fact that the name of the blog is called Knitting with Little Time. I want to tell everybody about every thing else I have going in on my life, but I always feel slightly guilty when I branch away from knitting, the original career I was going to go in to would have made this the perfect place to write about my passion the only issue is that my passion and major are not fibers. It is in fact Photography so the blog is getting a much needed revamp and name that will let me feel like I can talk about all the new things that I have started to become passionate in my life since I started this blog instead of making the focus on my knitting which seems to be very little of these days I want to shift it to everything that is going on in my life. I hope this will make for more frequent posting. I hope you will stay reading with me while I go through this transition as well as gaining more readership.

Washington you have shown me snow and many rainy days. The natural beauty that is all around through all of this will always be remembered and greatly missed on a daily basis.

So I was sitting here thinking about this and last time I took a plane so it was not an eventful trip. This Time I am taking a road trip with a couple of my good friends so I figured I would try and write a few post about it, but what would be more interesting videos,photos, or just summaries. Of course all three if that would be even more interesting.